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Dalmatian Pelican

A rare breed of bird which is local to Armenia are going extinct due to human intervention.

commom krane

A species which was known for being common and are now few and far between.

cinerious vulture

A wonder which is going extinct one day at a time.


A bird which is known for having some of the most vibrant coloured feather is facing danger.


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Six Winter Birds You’re Likely To See


Birds are creatures which makes your whole backyard the best place to chill at. A frequent look at your backyard can make your whole day the best. You can count them and keep track of them to make sure that you are contributing to the data to help research them to learn more about birds, Try to make sure that you have few minutes to research about the birds. Here are a few birds that you are most likely to see this winter.

Northern Cardinal

This cardinal is one of the best colour which will add to the winter wonderland that is your backyard. This is one of the best treats the birds can give you. The male generally has a black mask on his face with a shaggy appearance. This is one of the most common bird to visit, and these birds generally appear in a pair. This is going to be one of the most common birds to be seen this tear which will allow you to get it out of the กีฬา sbobet checklist.

Downy Woodpecker

North America’s smallest woodpecker is one of the most beautiful attraction this winter. These birds have some of the most brightly coloured feathers which are eye-catching and are found in Alaska. They are generally is taken for a typical woodpecker, but it has a very small bill which in comparison is very small. They generally feed on insects, and other mites and worms.

Dark-eyed junco

This is one winter bird which is welcomed in all of America. This is one bird which is seen in winters as it can easily withstand some of the worst snowiest days. You might find these birds looking for food and foraging for seeds. They have a dark grey head which often appears in white feathers which can help with small orange bills. They are some of the most commonly seen birds at bird feeders.

Red-tailed hawk

This is one of the most widespread birds of prey in the US as the red-tailed hawk can be seen looking for favourable habitats which include the suburban neighbourhoods. They are some of the most common visitors in the whole of US winters and also can be seen in and around gains to catch prey. They have a lot of variations of the bird from browner to lighter.

Ring-billed Gull

This is one of the most reported shorebirds as the name suggests it is a gull which is known for its white belly and grey shoulders. They are some of the most viewed birds in the United States. When it comes to food, they stand at an advantage as they are not picky eaters and will eat any food which is conveniently available.

What You Should Know Before Going to a Casino

Things To Know

Going to a casino is similar to visiting a pub where people gather to have a good time with their friends. There are not strict policies or rules for going to a casino, but knowing how to gamble the right way can help you get out of the embarrassing situations. Getting to know these things before you go to a casino will give you a better experience without feeling lost among an over-indulged crowd.

Know the game rules

Before you take part in any games, make sure that you know the rules of the game to avoid embarrassing yourself. Also, this does not mean that you read the rules right before you sit on the table. Play the games that you already know how to play with the right strategies. Even though the dealers will help you with the game, it is not wise to make them your teachers as they have other jobs. Other gamblers can also help you but at the same time can use your lack of knowledge to trick you.

Do not share your advice

Inside a casino trực tuyến, no one wants to take advice from you on how to play a game. Each player at the table comes with their own strategies to beat their opponents. It is hardly a case when someone will ask you for advice. But if no one is asking for it, do not be the person to force your strategies upon others and ruin their game. Do not speak about other player’s hands during the games. You are inviting yourself the trouble if you are commenting on every move of a player of they are not having a good time. If you do not like someone’s gameplay, just move to another table.

Do not rush in roulette

There is no reason to push other players to place bets on a roulette table. At times there can be a huge crowd  waiting to place their bets. While there can be a little push and pull among the crowd, you do not have to be the person doing it. The dealer always makes sure that everyone’s bet is placed before spinning the wheel. Have the patience to let the dealer see you and place your bet. There is no fixed time for each spin, and unless all the bettors have placed their bets, the dealer will wait. Have the patience to wait for your turn and the dealers will appreciate it.


The dealers and waitresses work to provide the entertainment you need and stand all the time to serve the drunk and disorderly gamblers. Even though they have no control in deciding your win, they still try their best to keep you happy with motivation and complimentary beverages. There is nothing wrong in tipping the dealers and waitresses time to time as you are already spending a lot of money gambling. Tipping a few bucks will not hurt anyone.

Why Do We Need Casinos?


The question is plain and simple, but the answer is what makes all the difference. Casinos have been around for quite some time, and these places have also brought in some bad effects. With top critics coming in at full swing with words, you have more points to prove that we don’t require nombor ramalan lotto casinos. But when you look at some of these points, you will understand that every story has two sides. So, isn’t it wrong to completely ignore one part of the conversation and focus only on the negative side? Well, the answer is plain and simple to that very question. Hence, if you wish to know more about the need for casinos, then you should keep reading,


Lifts the Economy

Casinos have numerous impacts on the economy, and that is a fact that everyone needs to understand. With casinos around, the tourism sector stands to benefit since such places are a global attraction. Be it the games or music; there are so many factors about this place that urges out a mass appeal. So, this moves forward and increase revenue to a large extent. Apart from that, it also makes sure that the local currency stays within the economy, as gamblers perform their job.


Concept of Happiness

The numerous features of a casino also qualifies an individual to be happy, and that is another part which is missing in this world. With various cases of mental health coming into the picture, individuals need to find a way out of this feeling. The right kind of exposure can help us follow the path of peace and happiness. In that manner, it is quite safe to say that casinos do a wonderful job in putting out smiles of excitement and joy.


Not Unethical

One of the biggest for the disruption of casinos was that the activity tends to be unethical. But when you take a closer look, one wonders about how that point makes any sense. If the activity of benefitting from an individual’s loss is unethical, then all that we do is unethical. Be it business organisations or other such ventures; everything gains while another one perishes. When you take things further, you will realise and ponder about the saying that states that only the fittest survive.


Free food or free money is a sign that can raise eyeballs and makes people curious. Well, casinos are not quite different, except for the fact that you need to be good if you wish to win. But the concept of luck can strike anyone and these games can give you money. To make things understandable, you need to read stories about individuals who made it big in life soon after gambling and taking home a lot of money.

What makes casinos very popular?


Firstly casinos are designed to lure people for their money. People with less experience in these games lose a lot of money. There are different games which lure in different kinds of people. Most famous ones include poker and horse race gambling. The most expensive being horse racing gambles.


  • Some gamblers often indulge in gambling not for money but for the pleasure they find in it. It is really a boon for anyone who has luck or knows how to play the games correctly. There are table games such as black Jack and craps, which are really popular among young teens in the United States. These are mostly played offline in the casinos. Slot machines are used as a therapy for the old aged people or people who are in the retiring age.

  • Many people have commitments pertaining to cash, and they need fast money; hence they indulge themselves into gambling, mainly poker and horse race the most common being poker. Even if they lose cash, they have to pour in as they will get addicted to win or lose.


  • Casinos can be a place of social awareness or social mingle wherein people get to know each other. Similar to a pub, only here people might find a partner with the same intellect and likings of such. Addictiveness can go to the next level, wherein people might commit some crimes in order to complement their losses in gambling.


  • The majority of people visiting casinos are the ones who have an exquisite taste for some beverages. Almost all the casinos have a really good palette in the department of beverages, and many combinations also are available. Hence the people are very into the casinos also for this reason.


  • Fun factor for many, as some people find it very soothing as a sport, wherein you relish the moments. This is similar to an addictive sport such as tennis or golf, which can oh be seen to take in a set of older audiences. As seen in many Bond movies, people tend to acquire a taste in women money and other pleasures. They can find all of these in a casino. Losing and winning money is not the only objective of a casino. It is mostly the thrill and experience one can find in a casino.


  • It is a completely different story for professionals and experts, wherein they either win big it loses small. Either way, they tend to gain something out of this, which is definitely money. Some of the richest people in the world Gabe come up by gambling in casinos and still find pleasure doing so. Many people have even gone completely dry and cashless, also due to live casino sg gambling. It should be played responsibly and in a fun way rather than completely getting sucked up. This is the reason casinos are essential for the development of some cities like Las Vegas and Goa.

Simple And Amazing Ways To Conserve And Protect Birds


There are hundreds of millions of birds are killed, which is made due to man-made structures and human activities. These actions can benefit เกม slot and protect birds and bird habitat. There are many things like windows, cars, power lines, wind turbines, aircraft, pollutions, pets, pesticides, Global Warming, etc. There are some simple and amazing ways to conserve and protect birds.

Prevent home window collisions

This is one of the most common ways that birds are getting trapped and dying. Most of the times, the windows are not visible to them, making it difficult for them to track. There are many visible decals and windows which was covering and keeping the right light inside to keep the birds out and safe.

Buy a birdbath

A birdbath is one of the most inexpensive fun and easy way to help provide for the birds which can help ensure that they can drink and bathe in the water. Try to keep clean and filled water to make sure that they can find an escape room nearby, which will allow you to have the right birds attracted to your home. This allows you to provide a safe haven for the bird to get attracted to the place.

Support bird conservation

You can also support the birds, which can help ensure that they have the right conservation, which can help make donations. These donations will go towards moving these birds and build them their habitats protection at the locals, state, nationals or other things in international levels.

Prevent pet predation

It is important that people are mindful of their pets are cats are some who feed on these birds. Cats are natural predators, and you need to make sure that you have the right help, which can help prevent these cats from killing your cats. You also need to make sure that you are aware of the things which can help give you an upper hand when it comes to controlling the cats when they feed on birds.

Provide and protect bird habitat

Migratory birds need a safe place to rest and eat, which requires the supply of food, cover and other nesting sites which is one of the best ways to keep them coming. Also, you need to make sure that you are keeping hazardous materials away from the nests to help these birds find their place without having to cross man-made hurdles.

Buy bird-friendly products

Farming methods can help protect the soil from erosion but can degrade the quality of life of the birds, and other wildlife. You need to make sure that you buy bird-friendly products which will allow you to have the best of both worlds.